Brazilian Beach office


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Sometimes life can hand you amazing opportunities. The past week my ‘office’ was the Brazilian beach along the coast of Pipa. My professional mission? Find the best spots to sleep, eat, drink & get a tan. My personal mission: a new bikini. In bikini heaven it mustn’t be that hard to find, I thought. Well. It was. Because finding a bikini in Brasil is more about finding body confidence. Every single one I tried, was so small (especially the bikini briefs) that you need to be extremely comfortable in your own skin, because hey: you’re gonna show that butt.

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Photo: Marlou van Breevoort

What I hated wearing but did, and LOVED…


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No, no, no. No animal prints for this missy. I may be wild from the inside, but showing some wildness on the outside always seemed too much for me. But messing with the good girl image can prove valuable lessons. So I learned when I got the chance to borrow clothes for this shoot from our fashion cabinet. I challenged myself to get out of my sweater comfort zone and this is the result. I think I look pretty wow, with a little r in the middle, don’t you think? Am curious if you dare to W(r)OW yourself this season. 

Love, Jonna (Marie Claire’s writer)


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Wanna know what I’m wearing? I was lucky to borrow all this:

Jacket: 10Feet

Shirt: 10Feet

Jeans: 10Feet

Shoes: Nelly

Sunglasses: Miu Miu

Photo: Danielle Lambinon

Creators of Desire: Silver & Gold in the mix


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Saint Laurent is giving us the bold message that it is ok to dress in all gold. And to go totally out there, mix it with some silver accessories. The gold and silver tones are meant to be seen and Altuzarra is totally going for it. The elegant materials are almost dancing over the catwalk and making a huge entrance in this shining summer trend.

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Urban walks


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Walking. Just wandering around in your hometown – even if you don’t have a dog. Walking home from your office, or taking a stroll after diner. It is the newest, sexy workout. I like doing it more and more. It has a calming effect on the nervous system and therefore it is the perfect way to de-stress after a busy day – or actually after any day.

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